Crane Elementary School District to Increase Base Salary of all District Teachers

Crane Elementary School District to Increase Base Salary of All District Teachers


Yuma, AZ – Effective on July 1, 2024, all Crane Elementary School District employees will receive a 4% salary increase and a $750 retention stipend for employees hired by January 1, 2024. The increase was approved by the Crane Governing Board at their regular board meeting on April 9, 2024. The board also approved an additional increase of $3,000 to the base salary of all Crane District teachers.


Since Fiscal Year 2016, the district has approved over 50% in salary increases for teachers. Non-teacher district personnel have received over 39% increases in the same time period. The difference between groups is a result of former Governor Ducey’s “20% by school year 2020” teacher pay initiative.


The school district is excited about the increase in base salary pay for all teachers, which is a change from the annual supplemental teacher stipends. Executive Director of Human Resources, Lupe Lewis, stated in her presentation to the governing board, “The positive about transitioning from supplemental pay to base is that on an ongoing annual basis, as we approve additional increases, the teacher salary is calculated at a higher rate.” Therefore, with the increase and the addition of the $3,000 base salary, the Crane Elementary School District now offers the highest base salary for classroom teachers in Yuma County.


The Crane Governing Board approved all proposed recommendations for the compensation package. Members of the community can view the presentation by going to The time stamp for the compensation and benefits presentation begins at 1:50:44.